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NBB AS incorporated at 2014 in Bursa, following 5 years commercial activities of the Chairman.

In parallel with the first energy Project, during subsequent years, NBB procured energy equipments, confection, spinning, tectile machineries to its customers located particularly at Uzbekistan and at Asia, Africa and Europe but.

During 2015 one, at 2016 together with the openning of Uzbekistan Representative Office, two and at 2017 one, totally 4 international energy Project are erected.

The year 2018 become a period where NBB prouved its quality and perfect timing with 12 erected new energy Project.

Out of the 10 new energy Project during year 2019, NBB finalized 3 important progress;

At January 2019, NBB Energy LLC esthablished in order to provide periodc maintenance and service to our customers closed projects, a warehouse rented to stock equipments and consumables.

At july 2019, Aysel Energy LLC started production of electric control panels under brands Cancelik and Legrand in Tashkent.

In the mean time, at august 2019, the first cogeneration Project of oour customer FT Textile LLC under Orient Group is erected and start electric production.

Regarding year 2020, NBB targeted 3 main goals;

Erection of 3 energy Project which are under commissionning period and start 6 new Project which the contract preparations are continuing.

Start of the second cojeneration Project already contracted with FT Textile LLC and sign at least 3 of 9 new projects under negotiations.

Start the new investment for BEST brand, dry type transformatör production under Aysel Energy LLC, which the feasibility works are continuing together with Balıkesir Elektromekanik Sanayi Tesisleri A.Ş.