Electricity production with natural gas input brinks big advantages to our customers particularly into the regions where there is problems on the electricity infrastructure, where the natural gas is cheap and electricity is expensive. In case of there is hot water and steam utilisation in the inputs of the customer, the calculation of return of capital decrease up to 30 months. The textile factories with dye-house units or greenhouse are the best examples. In the mean time, if there is electricity interrruption on the region of the customer, we find out very bad influence on the the productivity of the production. The coneration system offers big advantages as it is producing electricity independently from the national network.

NBB together with world-vide business partners and manufacturers, offers turnkey projects, advanced technologies, high standard equipments and exper manworks to the market.

The service of NBB in an "Cogeneration Project" covers and erects as follows;

  • First contact with the customer and information about work plan
  • Reconnoitering of Project site
  • Adequacy of the region's infrasturucture
  • Calculation of power needs of the Project
  • Determination of engine, boilers and other equipments locations
  • Formation of the first design
  • Drawings of energy schemas and calculations
  • Constitution of bill of quantity and cost of the Project
  • Calculation of "return of capital"
  • Commercial offer and agreement
  • Approval of Project from local authorities
  • Deliveries upon work flow
  • Implementation
  • Supervision tests and comissionning
  • Training of customer responsibles

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Power plants from natural gas